Mr. & Miss West Coast Continental

An Official Preliminary to the National Mr. & Miss Continental Pageant

Continental Pageantry

The History

​What began as a hobby over some 32 years ago, the Miss Continental Pageantry Systems through the vision of owner Jim Flint is considered to be the ultimate female impersonation pageantry system throughout the world. The first Miss Continental Pageant was held in Chicago over Labor Day weekend in 1980 with the Crowning of then relatively unknown Baton entertainer Chilli Pepper. Chilli has since become an icon in the art of female impersonation and has entertained audiences across the country. To many she will always be what every ambitious entertainer would like to be. The title of Continental has been a career path that takes the entertainer to a completely different level in the business of female impersonation. 

​Throughout the history of the contest, the competition for the title has seen the competitors pull out all the stops .. from 12' Boa Constrictors and panthers in their talent routines, as well as some show stopping and creatively coordinated dance from Broadway favorites to modern day artist. Wearing the ultimate in gowns design by some the top fashion designers in the industry ... Bob Mackie to Prada .. Burberry to thrift stores .. the gowns, swim wear and dresses are the envy of all ... so, what was hobby has now become known as © "The Pageant Continental" featuring the best of best in competition from across the globe. 

​As the quality of the contest grew, soon Mr. Flint saw the need to have a contest that featured the 'larger' entertainers and in 1990 the first Miss Continental Plus Pageant was held ... for the first several years of the contest the pageant was held in various cities but finally found it's home here in Chicago as well. As with the expansion of the contest to include the larger entertainers ... soon Mr, Flint added the Miss Continental Elite and the Mr Continental contest. Over the years through trial and error along with many risk ... Mr Flint's hobby has changed the course of the careers of numerous entertainers through the years as many have moved on to various successes in film and TV while others have done very well in the modeling industry. With the contestants often wearing the finest and latest designs in the fashion world along with most having excellent runway skills ... the contest is a favorite among up and coming contestants for the Miss Universe, Miss America, Miss USA Pageants and many more. 

​The Miss Continental Pageant is held annually over Labor Day Weekend in Chicago along with the Mr Continental Pageant. The Annual Miss Continental Plus and Elite Pageants are held during the Easter Weekend holiday in Chicago. Since the beginning of the contest, The Miss Continental Pageant has grown every year with advanced reserved tickets for the final night competition normally selling out within hours of the sale time. Mixed genre, with everyone welcome ... enjoy the pageantry competitions.

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